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Greylizard webdesign

Affordable: websites, IT services, help & advice



I offer a range of services to help small business, non-profits and individuals. From computer issues to websites. Help and advice

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Web Services

Affordable web design Norwich for all your needs including graphic design, social media, advice and help. Hosting and setup

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IT Services

For help and training for anything computer related, with virus removal, system issues, updates, problems and more

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My low cost business model means lower cost for customers. I work towards affordable solutions within a your budget. I have a simple sustainable lifestyle and a completely reliable low cost web host, if that is the way you wish to go.

I am a mature student and do not need to charge big money to supply websites at a sensible price.

Special Offer

Websites from £40.

I can setup a basic WordPress within a week for £40 on my recommended, 99% reliable, low cost host (approx £20 to £30 a year, in use since 1998). And/or teach you how to use it for £30 and/or setup it up for £30. So £40 for your WordPress website if you choose (plus hosting and domain name)

What is Wordpress? Wordpress is an application that is uploaded to the web host which enables you to publish your own website.


Norwich, Norfolk and worldwide

Thorpe Road, Norwich,
Norfolk. NR1 1RT

Tel/sms: 07596907628

Email: info (at)



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